Giantex Gaming Chair Review: Great Buy or Bust?

Today, we’re going to give you a full Giantex gaming chair review that covers the details of the brand, the features of the chair, and talk about how it stacks up against competing gaming chair models.

In this review we’re going to talk about the key features of the chair, take a look at what consumer reviews say about it, compare the Giantex gaming chair to more popular options such as the DXRacer chair or Merax chair, and more.

Giantex Gaming Chair Review

Today, our focus is 100% on the most popular model offered by this company – the Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair.

This is an affordable, high-quality PC or console gaming chair that has a unique appearance, an ergonomic design, a high level of comfort, and other great features that make it a solid seat all-around.

Let’s jump straight into the Giantex gaming chair review so you can learn more about this chair and find out if it’s the right chair for you.

Giantex Gaming Chair Features

First, let’s take a look at all of the features that are specific to this particular gaming chair. Most of the features are ones that are commonly found on most chairs made for gamers, but they’re still important to go over.

  • 【Elegant Exterior】White PU plus mesh material around the chair and the armrests provide a modern and charming style.
  • 【Ergonomic Height Adjustable Design】Smooth chair height adjustable design, ergonomic back and head support design make the chair extremely comfortable to sit in it for working, studying and gaming.
  • 【Ergonomic Swivel Design】This ergonomic swivel gaming chair can rocked back and forth which is suitable for napping and seating during busy working days and a wonderful experience in your intense gaming moments.
  • 【Solid Base】Reinforced 5-Star Base is constructed from a heavy-duty alloy material that assures a superb solid and stable base structure.
  • 【Perfect Addition】The comfortableness, fashionable style, and competitive price of this chair make it a perfect addition to your home or office

The biggest takeaways here are that the chair is made with high-quality materials both in terms of the covering and the actual structural design.

The chair is covered in PU leather and mesh. This combination not only gives an elegant appearance, but it’s comfortable and helps reduce heat build-up, allowing you to game for longer hours without becoming overheated or sweaty.

Additionally, this Giantex gaming chair is height adjustable. This means you can change the height at which the chair sits by utilizing a lever located just beneath the seat.

This Giantex gaming chair also has the ability to recline back. Unfortunately, however, it does not have a locking function so it cannot be fixed to a certain position. A locking tilt is a feature most commonly found on more expensive chairs such as the DXRacer or Merax models.

Finally, the chair is constructed using a sturdy frame and a reinforced, 5-point base that makes the entire chair very stable.

Giantex vs DXRacer – Which is Better?

One of the most popular brands in the PC and console gaming chair industry is, of course, DXRacer. So, how does a Giantex chair stack up against a DXRacer seat?

Well, first, let’s make it clear here – DXRacer gaming chairs are considerably more expensive. At bare minimum you’d be looking at paying nearly $300 for one. On the flipside, the Giantex gaming chair we’re reviewing is often sold for under $100.

In terms of value – the Giantex Executive Racing Style chair wins, hands down. In terms of overall craftsmanship and design – the DXRacer wins. If you’ve got the money for it, we highly recommend getting a DXRacer.

If, however, you’re looking to get a fantastic gaming chair at a more budget-friendly price – we highly recommend checking out this Giantex gaming chair instead to save a whole lot of money.

Is the Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair comfortable?

Absolutely. Most gamers are pleasantly surprised when they first sit down in this Giantex chair. Most people tend to think that if you pay too little you’ll wind up with a stiff, rigid chair that isn’t super comfortable. This Giantex chair is quite the opposite.

This chair has a good amount of memory-foam style padding on the seat itself, the back, and even on the armrests. It’s plush and feels great – even when you sit in it for several hours per day.

Does this Chair Come in Other Colors?

Unfortunately, it does not. Right now, the Giantex Executive Swivel Racing-Style Gaming Chair is only available in one color scheme – a gorgeous mix of white, black, and red.

Despite not having other color options – this Giantex chair looks incredible and, thanks to having a lot of white in it, it goes well with practically any gaming setup.

Seriously, though – this chair looks absolutely awesome!


Overall, this is a pretty solid chair for the price. We highly recommend getting the Giantex Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair if you want a ridiculously awesome gaming seat for a much lower price than most other brands.

Sure, the quality of the chair may be a bit less than that of a DXRacer or even a Merax gaming chair, but the Giantex is a significantly cheaper seat that goes beyond the call of duty and provides serious bang for your buck.

Thanks for reading our full Giantex gaming chair review – we hope that it’s been useful in making your decision easier on whether or not to buy this particular seat.