How to Record Your Gameplay on PS4 With Ease

PS4 gameplay is not robust enough to restore the usual video capture hardware. However, sharing a few minutes of cool footage is not as difficult as it seems.

1. Start Gaming

Starting the capture requires booting the game. Keep in mind that, currently, you cannot share video clips or PS4’s menu interface. When the game is done loading, play it until you reach something cool. Automatically, the console will save footage of past 15 minutes of the game.

How to Record Gameplay on PS4

Keep in mind that if you’re planning to record an entire session you’ll want to get really comfortable. We highly recommend getting yourself a quality gaming chair for the PS4 to make sure you don’t bring about too much fatigue on your body while playing.

2. Use the Share Button

When you are prepared for editing and sharing your clip, click Share button on the controller. This automatically shows the Screenshot Upload or Video Upload options. Now, click on the Video Upload. You will now see a list of PS4 clips recorded recently. Although they will not necessarily be of 15 minutes duration, every time Share button is clicked, the PS4 will stop recording and starts again. Choose the video that has the fragment of gameplay you would like to share.

PS4 Share Button

3. Edit Your Clip

You will be informed by the PS4 that your video can be trimmed before posting it. Remember that you won’t be able to cut together a multiple number of clips, add transitions and titles or add narration, like in other traditional video editing softwares. It is just to share short gameplay clips. Once onto the next screen, now scroll through the clip until you get to the starting point.

You can scroll by 10-second increments by default, but the interval can be changed if you are need narrower or broader swaths of footage. On finding your starting point, press the L2 button for beginning your footage there. Now, scroll through the video until your desired ending point. Press R2 to bookend the footage. Here, you may click the Preview button to watch your selected clip, or press Trim to cut down the size of the clip.

4. Share Your Gameplay with the World

Now, all you need to do is to give a title for the clip (by default, it has the game’s name and random letters and numbers) and write a few words describing what it contains. Scroll to the bottom end of the screen and now click Share. The clip is automatically uploaded to Facebook.

Its progress may be checked in the uploads section of the menu Notifications. Once uploading is complete, the video automatically appears on your Facebook page. You cannot download it though, until you use some workaround such as screen capture software.

In future, the PS4 might enable better and comprehensive video editing, however, for now, this is all the PS4 owner gets: a fast and simple way for sharing of game clips, but still no actual way to present them in a curated or polished manner.

Alternative Option

Want something more robust with advanced editing capabilities, additional sharing options, and more? Then you may want to consider purchasing a dedicated PS4 capture card such as the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

Elgato Game Capture Card

There are several other options when it comes to capture cards for console platforms, but Elgato is by far the best in terms of video quality, editing features, and audio clarity. The company has absolutely dominated the console gaming market with it’s top of the line game capture devices for years now.