KSI Global – Full Overview of the KSI Clan

KSI, which is simply an acronym for “Knowledge, Strength, Integrity” (or “Killing Services, Inc” depending on who you ask), is a gaming community originally founded in 2003 on the original Xbox console. The clan reached its pinnacle during the Halo 2 era when its member count soared well above 20,000 users and it was easily the most recognizable clan on Xbox Live.

KSI Global Clan

KSI is still around today, but is a mere remnant of what it once was. While the active member total is still in the thousands, it is far less than it has been in previous years. The rapid decline of the Halo video game series, combined with multiple platform changes (from Xbox to the 360 to the Xbox One) and seemingly annual splits, KSI has become but a fragment of its former glory.

KSI Clan

Platforms and Games

KSI is no longer 100% dependent on Halo or the Xbox system itself. The community has now established roots on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even the PlayStation 4 on games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, and Destiny.

The majority of the clan is mostly active on Xbox consoles, though. The PS4 division is relatively small. Most members can be found on the latest Halo or CoD game.

One of the largest rivals to KSI is none other than XGN.

Ranking Structure

Being an organized community, members and leaders within KSI are assigned positions that are somewhat based on military ranks with other titles sprinkled throughout.

Official ranks include (listed from highest to lowest) :

  • Creator
  • Chief of Clan Operations
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Director
  • Director
  • Division Leader
  • Co-Division Leader
  • Founder
  • Co-Founder
  • General
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

KSI Clan Rules

If you’re interested in joining KSI Global, there are a few stipulations. The rules by which every member is required to abide are listed in the clan’s “Code of Conduct”.

The rules include:

  1. All members must adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined in the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network terms of service.
  2. Things like racism, discrimination, and harrassment are not accepted in any way.
  3. Leaders are expected to be professional, organize squad activities, and maintain peace and order with lower ranking members at all times.
  4. KSI members are not allowed to leave other members of the community behind.
  5. There is an open door policy which grants any member the right to get in contact with higher leadership at any time regarding serious issues or ideas for the clan.
  6. Devoted KSI members are expected to change their online ID to one with “KSI” in front of it within 2 months if the gamer wishes to climb ranks within the community.
  7. All members of KSI Global are expected to act in a mature and professional manner at all times, including in open game lobbies or party chats.
  8. Members of KSI are not allowed to simultaneously be associated with other gaming communities that are not pre-approved by the KSI Global leadership.
  9. KSI clan members are required to be 16 years of age or older, especially if their primary game is one that has a mature ESRB rating.
  10. KSI does not allow or condone the use or discussion of illegal drugs, piracy, theft, harrassment, and a number of other deplorable activities or actions.
  11. Members of the KSI Global gaming community are not allowed to cheat, hack, or mod games in any way. Refusal to comply with this rule will result in the termination of membership.
  12. Members are required to follow the orders of their superiors at all times.
KSI Global

KSI Global Forums

Want to connect with other games within the KSI community? The clan’s website features a large forum where players can congregate to chat about the latest gaming news, upcoming clan events, or even just shoot the sh*t in a general discussion.

Members of the can are encouraged to sign up and be active on the forums. There are even a number of different web-based “teams” that gamers can join including a graphics team, moderator positions, Twitch contributors, and more.

The official forums can be found here – http://forums.ksiglobal.com

The Blacklist

Members that consistently break the rules outlined by KSI leadership, attempt to cause issues within the community, or those that are closely associated with clans that KSI Global has explicitly banned members from communicating with, may find themselves put on what is known as the “blacklist”.

This is a list of individuals and clans that are completely banned from contact with members of KSI. Common reasons for being blacklisted include hacking, booting players offline, communicating threats, harassing clan members, attempting to poach members to another clan, and more.

Only the highest ranking members of KSI have the power to add a member to the official blacklist. Once you are blacklisted you can only return by submitting a request to lift the ban and prove yourself worthy within the community court system.