PS4 Gaming Accessories Every PlayStation Fan Should Own

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is considered one of the most successful and powerful video game consoles of all time. Originally released on November 15th, 2013, the console, over the course of the last 5 years, has hit sales of more than 82 million units. That’s more than double what Microsoft’s Xbox One has accomplished in the same time and nearly quadruple the sales numbers of the Nintendo Switch.

Essential PS4 Gaming Accessories

With impressive power, a great collection of exclusive titles, and a solid online network, it comes as no surprise that many gamers consider the PS4 THE ultimate home gaming machine.

PS4 Accessories

Outside of great games and superb hardware there are, however, ways to further improve your gaming experience with the PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro platforms. How? By utilizing accessories that compliment your console of choice.

Below, we’ve outlined the core accessories we believe are must-haves for every PlayStation fan.

PS4 Gaming Chairs

The first thing you should invest in – whether you’re a marathon gamer that plays several hours daily or just a casual player – is a good quality gaming chair. Why? Because, who wants to be uncomfortable while exploring new worlds or dominating your foes in online multiplayer?

A rigid chair, lumpy sofa, or, God forbid, a pain-inducing floor just doesn’t cut it these days. If you’re gonna play – play in style and comfort!

We’ve compiled a great list of the top-rated gaming chairs for PS4 based on comfort, style, price, and more, already. Nevertheless, this page wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our top three picks of all time. So, below, you’ll see the 3 chairs we recommend above ALL others. These seats are fantastic. They’re extremely comfortable, easy to assemble, look pretty awesome, and aren’t over-priced or made of inferior materials like so many on the market are these days.

DXRacer Racing Series Newedge Edition

DXRacer is considered by many to be the pinnacle of gaming chair brands – and for good reason. They’re stylish, well-built, and extremely comfortable.

DXRacer Racing Series Newedge Edition

All of these statements ring true with the DXRacer Racing Series Newedge Edition gaming chair. It’s of stellar quality, looks incredible, feels great, and is a durable monument of comfy-seat glory. That’s why it’s our number one pick, overall for PS4 gamers.

GTRacing Ergonomic Adjustable Video Game Chair

Up next is a chair that definitely takes the silver medal and comes pretty darn close to stealing the gold – the GTRacing Ergonomic Adjustable Video Game Chair.

GTRacing Ergonomic Adjustable Video Game Chair

This chair is a good bit cheaper than the DXRacer models mentioned on this page, boasts just as much comfort and devilish good looks, is crafted with cream-of-the-crop materials, and will make a fine addition to any PlayStation 4 gamer’s arsenal.

DXRacer Formula Series Racing-Style Gaming Chair

Finally, we come to yet another model from DXRacer. As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of the brand. What’s not to like? On models such as the DXRacer Formula Series Racing-Style Gaming Chair there’s very little to complain about. It’s a brilliantly designed seat that keeps your back supported, your butt comfy, and you gaming for hours on end without issues.

DXRacer Formula Series Racing-Style Gaming Chair

The design of this particular model is a bit more simplistic compared to other. But it gives off an elegant, professional appearance that will look pretty great no matter what your PS4 gaming setup is.

Top-Rated Gaming Headsets

Play a lot of online multiplayer? Then you’ll no doubt have a ton of friends you want to chat with, coordinate gameplay with, and so on. In order to do so you HAVE to have a mic. The ones provided with consoles like the PS4 just aren’t designed well. The audio isn’t clear, the headsets themselves aren’t built to last, and they just – well, they suck. End of story.

You don’t have to continue suffering, though. There are better alternatives.

The key characteristics of a great PS4 gaming headset are crystal clear game audio, crisp chat audio, and, of course, comfort. We’ve reviewed a ton of different headsets from numerous brands. Some are awesome, others – not so much. Below you’ll find our top 3 picks we recommend for PlayStation 4 users.

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Top of the line in sound quality, comfort, and everything else imaginable – the Sennheiser GAME ONE is our top pick, period.

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

It’s a great pair of gaming headphones that sound amazing, feel great on your head without leaving your skull or ears throbbing after hours of play, and they’re not terribly priced, either.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II headset is a very, very close second. It’s a bit cheaper than our top pick and boasts nearly the exact same brilliant performance and comfort.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The design isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing, but if you’re looking for superb game and chat audio coupled with a comfy fit, this is definitely a headset to consider for your PS4 gaming.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 (2019 Edition)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the SteelSeries Arctis 5 (2019 Edition) headset. This is a fairly inexpensive alternative to our other two picks and it packs a ton of value.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 (2019 Edition)

On top of crystal clear audio and a comfortable feeling, it has a few extra bells and whistles that may appeal to many gamers including LED-style RGB coloring and various lighting effects.

Stands and Chargers

Tired of your PlayStation 4 taking up a little too much space? Want your gaming space to be a little more organized? Want to keep your PS4 cool so it doesn’t burn out in the long run? You can accomplish all of this and more by looking into different types of vertical stands for your PS4 console.

Stands are designed to reduce the amount of spacial area your system takes up, reduce clutter, and help increase the longevity of your console as well. There are a ton of different models available. Some are less practical, others are just absolute junk. Below, we’ve provided a list of our favorite PS4 stands to help make your decision a lot easier.

Chargers and PS4 controller charging stations are another essential. Having to keep your controller sitting on top of your console, near the TV, or even on the ground while connected to the USB cable wired to your PS4 can be a hassle. There are far better alternatives. Some stands have these integrated into them or you can purchase the charging stations as separate pieces. One stand in particular even offers a PSVR charging port and holder which is pretty darn nifty. A few great options are provided below.

PlayStation 4 Backpack

Are you a regular, on-the-go gamer that needs to be able to haul their PS4 around with ease? Then you definitely might want to look into getting this awesome backpack that’s designed to hold your console, controllers, games, and more. It’s an insanely handy piece of equipment that makes it quick and easy to transport your PlayStation 4 without stuffing it in a bag, suitcase, box, or anything else that’s not really designed for it.