X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Video Gaming Chair Review

Are you a passionate video gamer and looking for a new gaming setup? Or simply exhausted of sitting on your boring old couch and planning to give your gaming man-cave a new look? Then just pull up your traditional desk chair and check out the features of the X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair by reading our in-depth review below.

X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Video Gaming Chair Review

The X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is one of the popular choices of any video game enthusiast, who spend hours after hours in front of the TV for playing favorite video games, watching favorite TV shows/ movies, or even just comfortably relaxing, and chill down.

Certainly this product is one of the stylish gaming chairs in today’s market, which is perfect for all sorts of your entertainment like playing on Xbox, listening to music, and watching movies or any TV shows. I really fall in love with this ergonomic and affordable video game chair when for the first time I saw it on my best buddy’s place.

Trust me it simply changes my gaming experience overnight. Any video game enthusiasts, who ever have used this chair, definitely has explored a new arena of the gaming world with full entertainment. I can tell you from personal experience how this chair with ultimate ingenuity ensures a convenient and reliable gaming environment as well as watching TV or listening music or just simply relaxing after returning from work.

This is a great game chair for Xbox One or any other console player. It is not, however, recommended for use with PC setups.

Highly Interactive Sound Systems

An interactive sound system adds a new dimension of your gaming experience. One of the best features of the X Rocker Pedestal Wireless Video Gaming Chair is its premium interactive sound systems. This product is equipped with the 2.1 stereo systems along with wireless audio transmission technology.

Its two built in speakers and subwoofer will give you a personalized surround sound experience. As its sound system uses the well-known 2.1 Audio Force Modulation (AFM), the X Rocker can amplify the quality of the sound in an open space and increase the intensity of your audio experience; not only that you will feel the sound virtually while you were at the epicenter of the action. Its interactive audio feature is also perfect for listening to rock-roll music and watching movies.

Easily Accessible & Uncomplicated Control Zone

Every game enthusiast prefers a gaming chair with uncomplicated controls that he/she never has to worry about to operate the controls of the chair and continue playing without any interruption. The X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is easy to operate and easily accessible.

It also contains well organized sleek side control panel for volume and power along with input/output jacks. These input/output jacks are used as the connector between other audio sources and any other X Rocker chair, if multiple players are involved in a game. The simple and straightforward control zone of this chair can be operated by any user irrespective of the levels of knowledge in operating gaming chairs.

Easy Connectivity

As this chair has the built-in wireless receiver, it is capable of sending audio signals to all sources that feature the RCA outputs to the other X-Rocker or the headset. The RCA cables usually come with the package. If you do not want to use the wireless transmission, there are optional RCA cables in the box.

Supports Nearly All Media Types

This chair is compatible with any mp3 player, Xbox, PlayStation, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Wii, and so on.

Sturdy and Heavy Duty Cover

This chair is durable and easy to clean. Its vinyl upholstery vinyl cover makes comfortable to sit down on. With its easy-to-clean vinyl cover and rugged design keep it safe from teenage boys as well as any accidental beverage drop down.

Stylish, Ergonomic Design and Fairly Comfy

It’s unique, stylish, and ergonomic design is simply appealing to any user. In addition, its black color is elegant at all.Buying a wrong gaming chair with poor ergonomics can affect your body and you may start getting very bad back and neck pain.

The X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is extremely comfortable due to its exceptionally ergonomically design. Moreover, the speakers are placed in such a position which maximizes the sound delivery and bass response, but definitely sooth for your auditory system.

You can sit at whatever angle you are more comfortable. For optimal comfort, you can enjoy its swivel option. Its padded backrest & headrest along with gun-stock arms offer the best support and stability as you ever desired for. It also contains foldable construction for it to easily store and bring around.


  • Affordable, comfortable and durable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The sound quality is extremely impressive.
  • It is easy to connect between multiple chairs.
  • The speakers are pretty easy to set up.
  • Nice wireless features.
  • Stylish and sleek design brings new look to your family or living room.
  • Easily to connect with consoles, TV both wired and wireless.
  • Best back and arm support.
  • Only available in black color.


Actually, in this universe, nothing is 100% perfect. Though the black X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair poses entertaining features and is built from the comfortable material, there are a few issues to consider which may not satisfy some customers. They are mentioned below:

  • It is not height adjustable. Therefore, this product seems to be a bit short for other users, especially for that person whose height is around 6 feet.
  • It is not ideal to use as computer desk chair.
  • Sometimes you may notice a squeaking noise, especially when you are rocking back and forth too much.

Features and Specifications:

Some main features of this product are listed below:

  • The dimension of the chair is 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches and its weight is 42 pounds.
  • User age range: 12 years and up.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Assembly required.
  • Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, MP3s, Gameboy, Apple products, Nintendo, Wii, DVDs and many more.
  • Built-in sound system with two speakers and subwoofer.
  • Adapter included.
  • Side Control Panel contains input/output jacks, headphone jack, volume and bass control.
  • The ergonomic and stylish design with complete back support.
  • Foldable construction for storing and portability.

Our Final Thoughts

The X Rocker Wireless Pedestal Video gaming chair offers a superb way to the semi-serious gamer as well as passionate ones to stay comfortable and absorbed in their fascinated game for hours after hours.

It is both suitable for both the kids and the adults in your house, as it is built for sturdy & rugged use. If you are looking for a such great gaming chair which would be comfy, full of entertainment, and usable for all family members and friends then buying this product would be worth of your money.